Sunday 24 November 2013


Jonas Barn Snow Disco, 2008

Ryan McGinely

Born in 1977 in Ramsey NJ, McGinely stand out in his ability for exposing a world that Nan Goldin before him and some many others have explored, but in a very special way; he manages to capture the freedom and youth around him creating very spontaneous, yet carefully choreographed images.
Ryan had his first solo art show at the Whitney at the sweet age of 25 (making him the youngest person to have had a solo show there).
Hanna's Hideout, 2008.
Cyclone, 2008.
His images are timeless. Naked beautiful young people in amazing locations, carefully composed, thought out and executed; full of energy and, I guess the word would be, FREEDOM. Everything about them is extremely powerful and beautiful. 

Jonas (Waterfall), 2008.

Tracy (Red, White & Blue), 2010.

Flash Flood (Gold), 2012.
He is definitely one of my favorite artist of this generation. And as most contemporary photographers, he is also making videos. Here is one for the band Sigur Rós, and for two for Nowness 1 and 2.
On top of that, he is responsible of pushing forward the careers of other artists/friends/muses around him. Something that definitely makes him even more special, or at least the NYtimes and I think so! Read the article about this here.
Parakeets, 2012.

India (Coyote), 2010.
 All images are from Ryan McGinely ®

​Finally you can see more of his work here; and read his essays here.

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