Sunday 17 November 2013


Photo via The Independent.

Meet Tom Jones, the NASA veteran of four space shuttle missions that's been right where George Clooney and Sandra Bullock pretend to be because he was one of the key participants in the construction of the International Space Station. In a nice interview with The Indpendent, he explains what it’s like to walk in space, the dangers of space walks – called EVAs by Nasa (Extra Vehicular Activities) – and what he thought of Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. Intrigued? Read full article here.

While the religious would argue that life on earth is a mere warm up for an eternity spent in heaven or hell, and many scientists would dismiss the concept for lack of proof – one expert, quantum physicist Professor Robert Lanza from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, claims he has definitive evidence to confirm once and for all that there is indeed life after death and the answer lies specifically the theory of biocentrism. Read full article in The Independent.


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