Sunday 10 November 2013


Image via Protein.

Internet Week Europe definitely will really interesting procrastination time during next week. We are going to three really interesting events: Protein "The Future of Journalism" forum, VICE Video Panel at the Blue Old Last, and Women in the Digital Economy and Culture networking organized by Creative Works London at V&A museum. Are you going to any of these events? Let us know!

Gravity still via The Hollywood Reporter.

Also Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity is finally in UK screens and that definitely sounds like the plan for a sunny Sunday like this Sunday (after the sun goes way at 4pm that is, of course). Read Peter Bradshaw review in The Guardian, he appears to have liked the movie A LOT: "Alfonso Cuarón's glorious creation, less sci-fi and more a thriller set in space, makes you breathless with excitement."

Bikers, 1967.

Double Standards, 1961.

Selfportrait. (All these Dennis Hopper were in my computer, as they are some of my favorites, so I don't know the source, but obviously the rights belong to whoever have the rights of Dennis Hopper photographs).

Everybody that like movies a little bit know Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now), but just a few know that he loved photography and actually was an amazing photographer. Well now you have the chance to go and see for yourself! This is what the article in The Guardian says: More than 400 previously unseen photographs from the 1960s, which were discovered in cardboard boxes after the death of the actor Dennis Hopper, are to go on display in Britain for the first time. The Royal Academy of Arts on Friday announced details of an exhibition called Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album. Good news! Read full article here.

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