Sunday 3 November 2013


Dr. Uwe Krueger. Photo The Procrastinator (some) Times.

This week we attend two great events, the first one, on Tuesday a lecture entitled Imagination: the key to engineering the future, produced by the Royal Society of Engineering and London Science Festival. Atkins' CEO Prof Dr Uwe Krueger talked about how we have to look for grand challenges and face every project, regardless how big or small is our company, in a multicultural / open-minded way using two powerful tools: imagination and collaboration. It was a very insightful evening and a very satisfactory experience to be able to listen to several scientists and heavy-weight executives talk about the future in the same terms some well known entrepreneurs, creative, and artists do. More info in the London Science Festival website and in Atkins website.

Mr. David Power singing and entertaining us while the evening begin.
White Chapel Market image by The Gentle Author.
The Gentle Author and Henrietta Keeper.

On Thrusday we lived a Night in Old London in Antique Beat's Salon No.10 at the Westminster Arts Reference Library. During the night we reviewed some amazing photographs of old London, compiled by the Gentle Author, curator of the blog Spitafields Life, and we had the pleasure on listening stories by singer Henrietta Keeper (87 years old) and pianist and boxer David Power (80 years old). These two also sang and played for us. It was a truly lovely night. Watch out for November's Salon, info is already in their blog.

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