Sunday 3 November 2013


Photo: shutterstock images via INC.

Scott Jones in his article in INC. raise the question what's the future of television in the era of Internet-based innovation. "Once upon a time, the entertainment industry had discreet business segments that rarely overlapped. If you wanted to see a movie (and this week's newsreel), you went to the corner cinema. If you wanted to watch television (on one of just three national networks), you sat in front of the big box and watched what the networks said you could, when they said you could. If you wanted to hear the latest music, you turned on the radio". Read full article in INC.

Photo: Selfies at Funerals via VICE.

Sophie Heawood writes an insightful article for VICE called: The selfies at funerals Tumblr tell us a lot about death. I didn't know that such a Tumblr exists, but somehow I am not surprised. "The problem with death, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is that people don’t take enough photographs of it. Which is why I have been looking at the Selfies at Funerals tumblr every day this week, transfixed by teenagers posing in front of their own phones, documenting their deep sadness (deep hotness) at a death in the family. These mini mourners face the camera, their faces sombre, their clothes surprisingly revealing for a day of death. Meanwhile, their captions reveal that Grandpa Bob, in a coffin somewhere in the background, has shuffled off this mortal coil. Beneath the caption they write a series of #hashtags, designed to attract the maximum number of new followers at this sensitive time in their lives." That's how Sophie's article starts, read full article in VICE.


Inside Guillermo Del Toro's sketchbooks. A new book by the Pan's Labyrinth and Pacific Rim director reveals how some of his most memorable monsters came to life. Have a look at some pages with commentary by Steve Rose in The Guardian.

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