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If you already read EVERYTHING in The Procrastinator, we are not going to try to avoid you leaving us, but let us redirect you to some of our favorite blogs, websites or procrastination blackholes on the Internet. Let's make it meaningful, right?

 Friends & Contributors Blogs & Projects

7Capas Mag: Skate & Culture Magazine

Aires Buenos: Digital guide to all things Buenos Aires (in Portuguese)

Archeology Project: Collective film-making project produced by Etcaetera Production

Culturetas: Culture with boobs by Ariana Basciani

La Guía del Perro Blog: All things dog in Madrid

Mi Blog de Monos: Illustrations by Germán Herrera

Minimaps: Mini-travel experiences created collectively for (and by) you

The Coffee Confessions : Video project by Joyce Kahn.

The Pink Pony: Enabling creativity and the culture of collaboration through play

Victoria Fernández: Illustrations, infographics & animations

Blogs & Magazines

Creative Review Blog
Dazed Digital It's Nice That  
The Creator's Project
The Great Discontent

After you have checked them all out. Don't click the Facebook button, just don't. Come back here or better yet go outside and read a book, drink a pint, plant a tree, be more dog, paint a wall, practice your Thriller moves, organize your old photos, put the kettle on, talk to a human, you know, party like it was 1999... But don't go automatically to FB to watch a random stranger's wedding pictures, it's creepy.

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