Thursday 31 December 2015

ENTERTAINMENT: Top 5 Reasons You Should be Watching The Royals

Image via E!

By Kerilyn Tacconi.

1. Anglophilia - it is a show written by Americans for an American TV network about a fictional British royal family. And fabulously fictional they are! No English man or woman would be caught dead saying any of the lines because of their fabulously cheesy nature. There also are far too many Americans in the cast, which is especially absurd because of how posh everyone is. I am not sure if it is actually how America sees England or if it is how we wish England was. Either way, it is a love affair built on fantasy, which is the best kind. 

2. Aesthetic bliss - everyone is beautiful and wears beautiful clothes and the sets and locations are gorgeous. I don’t know where they found the clean streets and sun, but I’ll be the first in line for the bus tour. 

3. Jaspenor / Opheliam - who doesn’t love watching a blighted romance between people who are completely perfect for each other but incapable of a functional relationship? Will Jasper the bodyguard earn back Princess Eleanor’s trust? Will Prince Liam and Ophelia ride off into the sunset? We all, the entire internet, hopes so, but as season 2 rolls on that dream seems more impossible to realize. Excuse me while I go light some candles and listen to Adele’s 25 on repeat. 

4. A Soap Opera for Modern Times - it is a shame that us twenty and thirty somethings did not get the chance to spend our college days discussing daytime soap operas - who killed whom, whose kid was whose, who married their sister and who came back from the dead. Until now! The Royals has it all: an unsolved murder, a paternity scandal, people we thought were dead are not really, marital affairs, blackmail and back stabbing. Where’s my martini? 

5. Elizabeth Hurley - [nuff said] oh, and Joan Collins. 

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