Thursday 31 December 2015

CULTURE: Stubborn Myths and Dated Terms We'd Like to Retire in 2016

Photo via CityLab.

"Whether they’re overused, misunderstood, or wrongfully deployed, sometimes good words and concepts go bad. As CityLab wraps up 2015 and looks forward to a new year full of promise, we’ve compiled the following list of myths we’re tired of debunking and phrases we’re tired of seeing—not to mention writing. Maybe, just maybe, if we all hold hands and jump together, we can reduce the number of times we’re collectively forced to contend with these terms in 2016." Go to CityLab to read the extense list that include from "millenials" and "hipsters" to "artisanal" and "sharing economy"... They have their reasons. E.T.P. 8'

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