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Procrastinators of the world, the idea is that our procrastination moments become meaningful, relevant and overall very very inspiring. Together we can make it!
These are some ways you can contribute with The Procrastinator (some) Times:

- You can write a mini article that fits into one of our sections: news, science, design/business/innovation, culture/entertainment, our weekly procrastination or to do list.

- You can send us the link of an interesting article you've read, including a little summary.

- You can cover events in your city (same dynamic: you go, take a photo, write a little summary of the event and we publish it in "Our Weekly Procrastination" section).

- You can send us a piece of procrastination art of any kind; crafts, photography, food... everything is valid.

- If you fancy creating a periodic illustration, playlist, video to share with your fellow procrastinators, please let us know. We'd love to hear your idea.

- Do you think that we should interview you? Please drop us a line telling us why.

- Have you seen many mistakes in the text? Be our proofreader!

- Do you want us to write a review of your product, service, exhibition, etc? Just write to us:

The idea is that together we help our procrastination time to be relevant; to read articles, ideas and plans that matter, that challenge our brains, that inspire us, change us, move us... as opposed to compulsively opening too many tabs on our browsers of stuff that we are not going to read, or go into auto-mode a lose ourselves in Meme-world. Get involved!

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  1. Hello Ana (and team!) my name is Melanie--- I am a filmmaker (Venezuelan) out in LA. I have known Val since we were girls. Would love to talk to you about Venezuela and media---- I think we can do something interesting.

    More about me:

    Regardless-- this is great what you are all up to here!


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