Sunday 24 November 2013


Image via Fast Company.

By Rita Fernández.

There was a lot of procrastination to be had this Friday, because Internet. Between Google's latest Doodle and Pharrell's Happy project I'm not sure how anyone with Wifi got anything done.
To celebrate 50 years of the BBC's Doctor Who, Google's team of doodlers (yes, thats what they're called) created an adorable multi-level game that just begs you to drop what you're doing and play. As the company explains, "In the beginning, the doodles mostly celebrated familiar holidays; nowadays, they highlight a wide array of events and anniversaries". So say Happy Birthday Doctor Who, and have a go. ETP 30' claims to to be the worlds first 24-hour music video. The site features 400 people performing Pharrell's song 'Happy' (written for Despicable Me 2) individually or in groups- including the artist himself, and a few celebs along the way. So far, I've spotted Steve Carrell and Jamie Foxx but the best performances I've seen are from average Joes like you and me; people that are infected by the songs happiness, and just have to get it out (in front of the camera, of course). Bloopers and mistakes are included - most people forget the words, I saw one guy fall on the ground after attempting a jump - which makes the videos even more enjoyable. It reminds us everyday people to express ourselves, and be happy. Put simply, the song, the idea for the project, and the execution just work. Check out for details into the project. ETP 24hrs

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