Sunday 17 November 2013


Riitta Päiväläinen: Born Maaninka,1969

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing at a vintage store and though to yourself "who own this before me?" Maybe you don't really care about that, but Riitta did. Actually that became such a big question mark on her head, that she decided to base her body of work on creating a series called Vestige. The premise she followed is: "Unwritten history, memory, landscape", the images do the rest.
Creating installations with second-hand clothing thoughtfully composing every garment, she used the landspace as a fundamental part of every image, sometimes freezing each piece of cloth making sculptures on white/snow background, other times mimicking the colors of the surroundings, or letting the wind make them move.

All images © Riitta Päiväläinen
"In the series "Wind","Structura" and "Camouflage" landscape plays an essential role. Landscape is not only a topographical, objective phenomenon. For me, it is personal and subjective. Working with a landscape means going into it: experiencing and sensing the place. When I place clothes into a landscape, I create an installation. In this sense, landscape can be considered as a stage. Bringing these two elements (landscape and clothes) together, I create a dialogue - an interaction. My aim is to suggest and bring forth potential stories, mental images and associations." explains the artist.

The PhotoAutomat section is curated by the Brooklyn-based photographer Andreína Restrepo.   

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