Sunday 17 November 2013


Photo Warner Bros/Sportsphoto Ltd/Allstar via The Guardian.

As we said in last week's To Do List, Sunday was the perfect day to go and see Gravity, so we went to our favorite local cinema and the experience was mindblowing. In my opinion this is the first truly justified use of 3D in a movie. I really don't like 3D movies, it's exhausting and I usually ended up with a major headache, but Gravity, oh yeah I even would see it in 4D or 5D. Andrew Pulver, of The Guardian, seem to have had his mind as blown as mine so he wrote an article called Gravity and other films that changed Hollywood for ever. Read it here. E.T.P. 5'45''

We also visited the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery where we had the chance to see "sixty new portraits by some of the most exciting contemporary photographers from around the world". We loved the winners, spectacular portraits of course, and Man with Owl and Lucy by Deana Kolenčìkovà and Fabio by Andy Massaccesi. More info here.

VICE Video Panel @ Old Blue Last.

Finally, we attended a couple of events part of the Internet Week Europe: The Evolution of Video in the Digital World, produced by BBC Worldwide Labs; VICE Video Panel, by VICE, of course; and The Future of Journalism, produced by Protein®.

The first event was alright, there was a lot of talk about what is happening in the digital video world from different perspectives: brands, personalities, YouTube, interactive video producers, but the conversation was focused in the present of video, what is happening now. Just at the very end Louise Tullin, Marketing Director of Unruly Media, mention the importance of emotional triggers to send messages across, and that in her opinion next year's emotional trigger will be exhilaration.

VICE's forum was really really interesting, they were the only ones with a strong focus in the content being created and not only in the platform (maybe because they've always got the right platform); in the they way they tell their stories and how they manage to transmit not only information but also an experience (practicing immersion journalism, something they really know how to do); and in the fact that they know that young people is interested in the news, as opposed than everybody else that think they have to be tricked into stop watching cat videos and start paying attention to the world.

Finally, The Future of Journalism forum was a discussion again mostly platforms and share-ability, and less about the kind of content you are creating, although at some point Martin Belam, from Us.Vs.Th3m said that obviously "you can't design your way around uninteresting content". I think that's the key. Simon Hinde, Director of journalism and publishing at LCC, also made some interesting reflections about the new skills that the journalists have to learn, a mix of curation and entrepreneurship and branding (for themselves), and what it means to be a journalist in a world of commoditized news.

All in all a great day. Thanks Internet Week!

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