Sunday 15 September 2013

Procrastinator (some) Times Sunday 15th of September Edition


Autumn is here and so are a lot of interesting and exciting activities to compensate the Summer blues such as the London Design Festival, the Urban Wandering Film and the London Landscape at the Barbican, London Fashion Week and London Film Festival. Get your umbrellas ready and don't let yourself slip under the weather. Together we can make it.

We have some cool recommendations in our To Do List both in London and Liverpool, interesting innovation and design articles; a nice J.D. Sallinger written by Adam Gopnik in The New Yorker, in our Culture section; and News, concerning the end of the world and a cat that is a superstars. Maybe these two are related. Yes, definitely related.


Any cool stuff to recommend to your fellow procrastinators? Please share it with us. 

Have a nice Sunday and a nice read.


Photo: Earth via The Independent.

This is an actual headline of The Independent: World's biggest brains get together to work out how to save us all from the end of the world. Yes! The end of the world is back. Not that it ever left us really. Some of the brains are: Lord Rees of Ludlow, the astronomer royal and past president of the Royal Society, who is also leading the initiative, Stephen Hawking, Cambridge philosopher Huw Price, economist Partha Dasgupta and the Harvard evolutionary geneticist George Church. Read full article in The Independent.

Photo: Google Street View screenshot via The Independent

G is for Gal├ípagos. So, the Galapagos Islands have been mapped by Google Street View, allowing virtual explorers extraordinary access to Charles Darwin’s biological paradise and marking the 178th anniversary of the great British scientist’s ground-breaking journey of 1835. Read full article in The Independent.

Photo: Lil Bub and her “Dude” Mike Bridavsky by Ariel Zambelich via WIRED

 It's a cat's world. It might be me, but I think that (specially Internet) cats and dogs are relevant when it comes to procrastination. This time we are talking about Lil Bub, the cat that has gone from a shelter  to a massive online phenomenon. According to Wired this weird looking cat has '200,000-plus Instagram followers, millions of YouTube views, her own documentary, a book deal, a web TV show, and (if all goes well) an animatronic version of herself'. I like Grumpy Cat better. But apparently that's just me. If you want to know more about Lil Bub, read the full article in Wired.

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