Sunday 22 September 2013


Image: Time cover via Time.

TIME magazine this week ask (and tries to answer) this question: Can Google solve death? The major feature of their print edition explains how CEO Larry Page, who spoke exclusively with TIME about the new venture, 'has transformed the search giant into a factory for moonshots'. His boldest bet yet? To extend human life. Read more in Time.

Image: Courtesy of the artists via Wired.

eMotion, a 3-D Software that is basically a physics-based animation system that uses human motion to interact with projected graphics in real time,  is described by one of his creators as "Adobe Illustrator on acid". Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne, are the two Paris-based artist/technologists who created the software capable of blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Read full article in Wired.

Photo: The Procrastinator (some) Times.

How to Manage a flexible workforce, and make sure work-at-home employees keep innovating. While Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer famously announced last winter that employees needed to be in the office to be innovative, Jennifer Owens, editorial director of Working Mother magazine  with whose staff members work when and where they choose, insists that there's another way. Read full article in Fast Company.

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