Sunday 22 September 2013


Photo: The Source Family (2013) via Dazed.

Dazed and Tripping. Whenever you have a chance this month click on to take an spiritual journey watching some top documentaries of the world's most infamous cults. From the Sahara to Big Sur. Under the sea to higher than God. Good old anthropological procrastination guaranteed. Read Dazed article about this Cult Documentaries About Cults here.

Photo: Adhocracy via Lime Wharf website.

The Third Industrial Revolution is coming, and you can be part of it
By Marie James.

ADHOCRACY is an exhibition taking place at Lime Wharf, a new and very nice venue on Regent's canal / Victoria Park in Hackney, East London. The exhibition explores how new and democratized methods of production introduced by the Web and digital technologies - such as micro-blogging and 3D printing -  are stimulating a "cultural revolution". If most of those projects presented are still at the stage of prototypes, we leave the place understanding that it's definitely up to us to make this new ecosystem, made by and for the people, working at our own level. And they give you full of inspiration for that!

The exhibition opened Wednesday 4th September and runs until Saturday 12th October 2013
Hours: Tuesdays – Saturdays 11am – 8pm

ADHOCRACY on in the London DesignFestival:

This past Thursday was Jarvis Cocker 50th birthday and for a belated celebration we recommend have a look at the BBC documentary The Story of Common People, the famous 1995 Pulp's song that reached number two on the UK singles charts. The phenomenon described on the song (the Greek girl that wanted to live 'like common people') was known as slumming or "class tourism". The song was written by the band members Nick Banks, Jarvis Cocker, Candida Doyle, Steve Mackey and Russell Senior. The documentary is online, just click here.

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