Sunday 29 September 2013


American (Wet) Dream. Pornhub recently published a rundown of the three most popular (erotic) search terms per state, and FlowingData’s Nathan Yau converted them into a series of stark maps. Fast Company points out that apparently Americans taste in pornography is definitely Geo-located. MILFs for instance are popular almost everywhere, except out West, and Wyoming, ever the cowboy state, has a thing for “smoking.” Read full article in Fast Company.

Photo: Far from Heaven (2002) via BFI.

To help us cope with the fact that Summer is over, Samuel Wigley shares with us in the BFI website a list of 10 great films set during the Autumn, the season when for a brief, resplendent moment, colour is everywhere, but then the leaves fall, the nights darken, and a mantle of melancholy settles over the earth in anticipation of the descent into winter. Read his list in the BFI website.

 Photo: Woody Allen via Esquire.

"Marshall McLuhan predicted books would become art objects at some point. He was right." This is just one of the interesting things that Woody Allen said in his Esquire interview in the September number. Read more about Woody's thoughts on marriage, the Acropolis, showers, sandwiches and other random but cool topics in Esquire. Also Blue Jasmine is already on the UK cinemas, have you seen it yet?

 Photo: Pelo Malo via TIFF.

Venezuela’s “Pelo Malo” (Bad Hair) has won the top prize at the San Sebastian film festival in northern Spain. The director Mariana Rondón collected the 61st Golden Shell for her project. Read full San Sebastián's article in Screen Daily, a review of 'Pelo Malo' in Variety or an interesting article in Spanish in El País.

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