Sunday 29 September 2013


Photo: Richard Branson via Mashable.

Are you already planning your Summer holiday for 2014? Make sure you include "Space" somewhere in between Prague and Tokyo, because according to Sir Richard Branson, that is a possibility."Passengers will board the SpaceShipTwo (SS2) Enterprise, which recently just broke supersonic speeds in its second test flight, climbed to 69,000 feet above ground . . .  The experience won't quite be like boarding a NASA space shuttle, but it will definitely provide views you can't get on a plane." Wondering how much will this cost you? You might want to read the full article in Mashable before booking.

Image via Medium.

Welcome to Flatland. Recently in the tech community, a palpable aversion to the idea of management has been developing. This rejection of hierarchy is based on the belief that while hierarchy is good for maintaining predictability and repeatability if you are an entertainment company and you want the most intelligent, innovative and talented people working for you a hierarchic environment won't do it for them. Read this interesting article by Dustin Moskovitz in Medium.

Image: Cinder, created by the Barbarian Group in New York via Creative Review.

Thanks to Creative Review we discovered the Tomorrow Awards. "Launched in 2010 by Ignacio Oreamuno, executive director of the Art Directors Club and IHAVEANIDEA, with the intention of celebrating work that gives an indication of "where things are going" in advertising". If you want to have a look at this year's five winners click here.

 Image Wait But Why via The Huffington Post.

Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy? Wait But Why, features in The Huffington Post's Blog  an interesting post about Generation Y workers, ambition, unrealistic expectations and satisfaction. I hate the paint/powepoint graphics a little bit, but some of the insights are useful if you are somehow interested in millenials. Read full article here.

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