Sunday 13 October 2013


Image: It's Nice That - David Wilson shares some of his pitching methods with us. Here, he's talking to his computer, describing his vision for Tame Impala's Mind Mischief video. 

Well folks, it's true- procrastinating (sometimes) really does pay off. This week while using Twitter to avoid being productive I came across a Tweet from Mini promoting an event they were sponsoring with the super fantastic It's Nice That. After re-tweeting I was chuffed to find out I won two tickets to the sold out talks where, following Mini's latest campaign, four creatives would share 'Not Normal' stories about their habits, backgrounds and practice.
A full write-up of the Not Normal Nicer Tuesdays night can be found on It's Nice That's page - which is always worth a visit - but some of my favorite stories included music video director and animator David Wilson's habit of sitting uncomfortably at the top of his stairs to force productivity, installation artist Kate MccGwire's collaboration with bird enthusiasts (most without email) and the guys from ScanLAB illustrating the importance of pushing the boundaries of new and existing technology.  

By Rita Fernández.

Photo: Groucho Marx (our favorite Marx, of course) via The Guardian.

The Guardian just published a nice list with the Guardian and Observer critics' pick of the 10 best comedies. Two weeks ago Marie wrote about the list's number one film, that happens to be one of our favorite movies of all times. We haven't seen three titles (I know), and now we really want to watch Rushmore again. Read The Guardian's full article here. E.T.P. (if you watch all the movies): 22 hours.

 Photo by Touko Hujane via The New York Times.

Meet Timo Alarik Pakkanen, he’s a professional Santa Claus. Every day of the year. He even answers his phone, “Santa Claus.” Mr. Pakkanen lives in Helsinki, Finland, works primarily for tourist and promotional events in Helsinki, appearing at Christmas-themed shops or in television commercials. For the weeks leading up to Christmas, he travels to Japan, where the appetite for kitsch is insatiable and he is greeted like a rock star. The New York Times features a very interesting piece with photos by Touko Hujane. Have a look here. E.T.P.: 7'47''.

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