Sunday 27 October 2013


Image: The Wind Portal via Dezeen.

Have a look at this lovely movie that Lebanese designer Najla El Zein has sent Dezeen showing her 5000 spinning paper windmills being installed in a doorway at the V&A museum in London, The Wind Portal, a walk-through installation that represents a transition space from an inside to an outside area. To watch the movie and read full article in Dezeen click here. E.T.P.: 7'

Photo via Fast Company.

After promising to never run banner ads in Serch Results, Google does just that. That's the article in Fast Company that tell us how Google has broken a major promise. The problem is, Google said it was never going to do this. In a 2005 blog post written by none other than Marissa Mayer, Google promised "there will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or Web search results pages,” and also said there wouldn't be "crazy, flashy, graphical doodads" on the site to distract users. And then there's the keyword: "Ever." Read full article here. E.T.P. 2'

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