Sunday 6 October 2013


Photo: Jobs and Wozniak via

Rana Florida, the author of Upgrade: Taking Your Work and Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary, asks this question: Without Wozniak, would Steve Jobs have been the same? An excerpt from her new book, points out that the key to the answer is plain and simple: collaboration. "Gates had Allen. Lennon had McCartney. Successful creative enterprises typically have two leaders: a visionary and a strategist who can execute. Creativity is a team-based process. It requires collaboration". Read full article in Fast Company.

 Image via Vyclone.

Also Fast Company share with us 5 Apps that will make your life easier. "If you wish news stories could be read to you or just be much shorter, you want to skip town for a few days, or you keep forgetting what you did last week". Check out this edition of Fast Company's Free App Friday and let us know what do you think of it. Me? I'm downloading Vyclone right now.

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