Sunday 20 October 2013

Procrastinator (some) Times Sunday 20th of October Edition


This week we are very proud of Our Weekly Procrastination, because it was a day-long activity, outdoors, and absolutely free, have a look. In the News section we looked for an article that explained very simply the consequences of the US Government Shutdown. We share the last words of 35 very famous books in our Culture section. In Dog We Trust introduce us to two adorable senior dogs. We discover the Darknet and Small Data in the Business section. And in Science we discovered that there might be another end of the world coming soon!

Happy Sunday and have a nice read!


Photo: John Boehner via Rolling Stone.

Robin Martin of Rolling Stone magazine writes about the winners and the losers of the US Government Shutdown: "After two weeks of madness, with only hours to go before the U.S. government potentially defaulted on its loans, Congress finally passed a new budget and raised the debt ceiling last night. Thanks to the last-minute deal, we have at least three months before we have to worry about another impasse and impending global economic catastrophe – and sadly, these days, that's what we call progress." Read full article here. E.T.P.: 3'.

Image via TIME.

Is this how the world feel about women? Jessica Roy writes in TIME about the new UN Women ad campaign about global gender inequality: "UN Women–an arm of the U.N. that focuses on women’s issues–has created a powerful advertising campaign that uses data collected from Google on the most popular search terms. As it turns out, the most popular Google queries are indicative of entrenched sexist attitudes that still persist today". Read full article in TIME. E.T.P.: 50''

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