Sunday 20 October 2013


Photos The Procrastinator (some) Times

Do you live in London? Have you ever walked around the Capital Ring? Yesterday we walked Section number three starting in Grove Park and finishing in Crystal Palace Station... or to be more precise, pub. This is section was not particularly green but it's always interesting walk around streets and neighborhoods you've never been before. Totally recommended activity for the photogenic autumn. E.T.P.: From the house door until the last beer, 9 hours.

Photo: Peter Bastian via ZooBorns.

Victoria shares one of her favourite ways of procrastinating: the Zoo Borns website. One of their latest aditions are these meerkats; one adorable panda cub; Shiva, a rare Persian leopard; and Joey the koala. Have a look here. E.T.P.: Infinite.

Finally, on a very random note Marie share with us this 13 Pictures of Crazy Goats on Cliffs. Have a look. E.T.P.: 25''.

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