Sunday 2 February 2014


Photograph from AP via National Geographic.

Dear friends, readers, followers, occasional visitors... today, February 2nd, is Groundhog Day. Is the day when Punxsutawney Phil, probably the most famous groundhog of the world, and definitely the only one with weather forecasting powers, comes out of his burrow on Gobbler's Knob to predict the weather for the rest of the winter. I know.

This very peculiar ritual inspired Danny Rubin to write a story that later would inspire director Harold Remis to make a movie, that some would say is a modern classic... or at least a really nice comedy. Thanks to Groundhog Day, the movie, starred by Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell, 21 years ago, a lot of people around the world (including some of us) heard for the first time about Phil the groundhog, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, and all together this wonderful and bizarre Groundhog/Winter/Forecasting universe.

For our mini Groundhog Day special we put together contributions from regular collaborators and friends and a collection of links for you to find out more about Groundhog Day... if that's what you're into. Also, don't forget to check this week's In Dog We Trust section because it's filled with nice Groundhog facts and info.

Groundhog Mono by Germán Herrera.

Dear Procrastinator by Marie James.

I am very bad with predictions but I found funny that we have to celebrate groundhog, the horse and the "crêpes" at the same time. So I made you a drawing. Happy ground-horse day to you!

A modern prediction, by Kerilyn Tacconi.

If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow this Groundhog’s Day, the ‘Amish' trend will really take off. Beards are already heading in that direction, and will continue getting more gnarly until they reach historic proportions. Then Brad Pitt will sport one to the Oscars and metrosexual men around the world will jump on the bandwagon (literally). There will be a run on chambray at JCrew; Smuckers and Tiptree will go out of business; Apple will start developing abacuses. The booze industry need not worry, though, as everyone needs a good rumspringa every now and again.

Groundhog Day Graham Crackers via Babble.

Procrastinate away and find out more about Groundhog Day.

- Really interesting facts about the origin of Groundhog Day, and the use of other animals like bears, badgers and even goldfish to predict nature's changes in this article from The Huffington Post called: The Secret of Groundhog Day. E.T.P. 4'

- Watch Primus performing the song Groundhog's Day live in Bonaroo 2011. E.T.P. 7'21''

- If you haven't seen Groundhog Day, the movie, have a look at the trailer. E.T.P. 2'54''

- If you have seen the movie maybe you want to read this article written by Ali Arikan a couple of years ago in Slant: Imagining Sisyphus Happy: A Groundhog Day Retrospective. E.T.P. 12'

- Finally if you're the cooking type and you are really into celebrating this day, here are some recipes you can prepare to enjoy your Sunday. E.T.P. 1-2 hours.

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