Sunday 2 February 2014


Illustration via Brain Pickings (fragment).

Brain Pickings' Maria Popova researched all sorts of documents, biographies and interviews of some of our favorite writers to find out their sleep/work patterns, and then correlated that data with the number of books published and major awards received. The results are inconclusive, of course, there is not ONE way to write. There are some Murakami-style early bird writers, but there is also Bukowski who woke up at noon and was equally a genius. The infographic and the illustrations are really nice though. Have a look here. E.T.P. 5' (Via Short List).

Photo via The Guardian.

And speaking of writers, I just recently read in Paris Review an interview that Susannah Hunnewell made to Michel Houellebecq. Wow, he really is a controversial man and anything I can say about the interview or him will be definitely an understatement or an insufficiently articulated personal opinion. So if like me, you read The Elemmentary Particles and didn't know much about Houellebecq, and you're interested in getting to know better (or worst) one really interesting character, please go ahead and read this interview in Paris Review. E.T.P. 18'

Image via Dazed Digital.

Finally, Dazed Magazine couldn't have said it better, so I will just quote here: "Is there a way to be a bad feminist? How do you survive in the male art world? What does it mean to be a female writer? In conjunction with our Girls Rule issue, some of our favourite writers, activists and artists will be musing on these questions for Girl Guides, a series of how-tos and thinkpieces on the state of modern womanhood. Here, Dazed writer Steph Kretowicz unpicks the neverending toxic cycle of advertising, body issues and inequality." Full article in Dazed Digital. E.T.P. 10'     

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