Sunday 1 November 2015

The Procrastinator (some) Times Sunday 01 of November Edition

Dear friends, we are back!

These holiday and post-holiday's weeks have been very busy, and we almost didn't make it for today. But I reckoned that if I didn't make this edition, even though is a short one, I was going to stop the Procrastinator all together, and I'm not ready yet to let go. Also, I have a really good excuse for not coming back until now: procrastination. Isn't it beautiful?

Anyway. Here's your edition. In our News section: China's one-child policy ends to "“increase labor supply and ease pressures from an ageing population”. The Guardian shares a drone-footage of the refugees in the Slovenian-Croatian border that shows the scale of the migration. We also ask ourselves if Hillary Clinton has a Lead GIF advisor, Matt Bors affirms in Medium that she might be the first presidential candidate to have one. Finally, in Venezuelan news, such is the extent of the country's economical crisis that even thieves reject the local currency.

In Science the latest research on the brain proves that working fewer hours doesn't just make you healthier. It makes you smarter, too.

In Design, Business & Innovation, Andrew Smith argues that PowerPoint is killing critical thought "Through PowerPoint, everything has a tendency to resemble a pitch rather than a discussion: information is “storyboarded”, as for a movie – but the presentation is not a movie and the presenter is rarely Brad Pitt. No wonder we are bored." Plus the little-known story behind Britain's road signs.

In Culture & Entertainment, The Guardian shares with us the first chapter of Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman; Open Culture shares 130 free philosophy courses, on death, love, religion, film, law, the self the ancients and the moderns, a very wide spectrum; and since we're on it, we also have 30 Jean-Paul Sartre quotes for your next existential crisis. 

Finally, a little gift: Haute Cat-ure. Yes, yout got it. It's cat photos. 

Happy reading, happy Sunday, happy month, and hope you enjoy this late rentrée edition (:


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