Sunday 1 November 2015

CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT: 30 Jean-Paul Sartre Quotes For Your Next Existential Crisis

Photo via The Star.

I have no idea why I bumped into this (old) article this week, but I did and I though: why not sharing it after all winter is coming. Best season for an existential crisis, am I right? "Hated, revered, and sending people into an existential tizzy since 1940-something, Jean-Paul Sartre’s work remains crucial. Today (June 21, 2014) would have been his 109th birthday. Intent on provoking us to “challenge every idea and every person,” Sartre’s assertions demanded we accept responsibility for our choices and our world, while embracing the inconceivable unknown. His devastating philosophies about being and nothingness continue to plunge people and their angst-ridden egos into the depths of an existential crisis. Mull these 30 quotes over the next time you’re contemplating the meaninglessness of it all, your place in this alien universe, and feeling trapped within the deeper recesses of your own psyche. After all, misery loves company." Read all the quotes in Flavorwire. E.T.P. 3'

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