Sunday 11 May 2014


Photo via The Independent.

Lucy Hunter Johnston in The Independent: "Fear of a robot taking over your job is growing. A One Poll survey just out says that 31 per cent of us suffer from this anxiety. Then again, it’s not all bad news when it comes to man and machine: 17 per cent of us would also happily hop into bed with them. It’s a statistic that raises a number of questions. Is sex with a robot cheating? Would there be an age of consent? But perhaps the least obvious is: what do the other 83% have against the idea?" Interesting, huh? Read full article in The Independent. E.T.P. 8'

Photo: The Procrastinator (some) Times.

ELECTRONIC cigarettes made their American debut seven years ago. People have bickered about them ever since. Some praise e-cigarettes—which deliver a vapour with nicotine, but no tobacco—for helping traditional smokers to quit. Others fret that they will promote nicotine addiction and reduce the stigma of smoking, which in America now ranks somewhere between theft and public indecency.
On April 24th American regulators stepped in (as the European Parliament did in February). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed rules for e-cigarettes. These would, among other things, ban sales to children and require firms to list ingredients, include warnings that nicotine is addictive and register new products with the agency. The FDA did not propose banning flavours or advertising, but may do so in future. It will accept comments on its plan until July 9th. Even after it finalises this set of rules, it may later issue further restrictions. The Economist. E.T.P. 4'

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