Sunday 4 May 2014

The Procrastinator (some) Times Sunday 04th of May Edition


Today is May the 4th, hope all my Star Wars fan friends have an excellent Sunday. This edition goes like this: in our News section we share the AFP's Annual Report of 2013 along with some news from Ukraine and Venezuela. In our Science section, Stephen Hawkins and other prominent scientists denounced the dangers of Artificial Intelligence, while others are more intrigued by kale. Good news for independent designers that use crowd-sourcing to finance their projects, read about it in our Design, Business and Innovation section. In Culture and Entertainment, the most loved book written in French in the past century, Antoine de Saint-Ex├║pery's The Little Prince via The New Yorker, and Fast Company about Canadian skate culture. Finally a short video about Eleanor Ambos via Nowness and our friend Carledonia in Our Weekly Procrastination.
Happy Sunday and happy reading.

Image: Screenshot of the AFP Report Website.

The AFP published its report on the year 2013, this is how Emmanuel Hoog, CEO and President of Agence France Presse introduce it in his editorial: "As you read our annual report (online version available on, you will discover what 2013 was like for us day to day – how our committed, well-organised teams handled the most critical, most intense news stories." It is definitely an interesting reading. Have a look at the report in the AFP website. E.T.P. 90'
Photo via The Guardian.
The Guardian affirms that Ukraine moves towards civil war as Kiev hits back at pro-Russian activists: "Two days of chaos and violence in east and south-east Ukraine appeared on Saturday to be pushing the country ever closer to civil war, as the death toll rose to 42 following a military counter-offensive launched by authorities in Kiev against pro-Russia rebels." Read full article in The Guardian. E.T.P. 7'

Photo: Carlos Rawlins via Reuters.

These past week there was very few news about Venezuela in the international press. But the panorama is as follows: students protested about the sentence of the Constitutional Court that criminalized the right to protest in a pacific way; several foreigners were arrested under suspicion of conspiracy against the government, one of many conspiracy theories that as usual they claim without any real proof, but, who cares, they own the courts anyway; and one of the biggest food companies of the country stopped operations. Read more in the following links:

The Huffington Post: Venezuela's biggest food company is halting work at one of its facilities because of government delays in allotting it dollars to buy wheat from foreign suppliers.
Independent: President Nicolas Maduro is introducing a controversial shopping card intended to combat Venezuela's food shortages but decried by critics as a Cuban-style policy illustrating the failure of his socialist policies.
Reuters: Venezuela said on Friday that 58 foreigners had been arrested on suspicion of inciting anti-government protests and violence that have rocked the South American for the last three months.
La Patilla (link in Spanish): Law students reject the sentence of the Constitutional Court about the right to peaceful demonstration.

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