Sunday 16 March 2014


Photo Marshall McLuhan via e-comunicaciĆ³n.

I just handed in my dissertation this past Friday, but you can never have too much McLuhan I guess. This is why I share this post from Monoskop. "McLuhan corresponded with a vast number of people, including Duke Ellington, Woody Allen, Jacques Maritain, Rollo May, Susan Sontag, Eugene Ionesco, Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound, Bob Newhart, Hubert Humphrey and Jimmy Carter.
These letters have been selected from a large collection, now in the Public Archives of Canada, and offer a valuable commentary on McLuhan’s work and, in some instances, the most lucid and detailed explanation of his ideas available." You can read the full article and download the letters in this new website I've just discovered: Monoskop. E.T.P. 3'
(The download page looks really suspicious, but I had no problem. Click the smaller "download" button though, the big red one is spam).

Photo via Dazed Digital.

"If you've been anywhere near your laptop or phone in the last 36 hours, you've almost definitely seen people talking about First Kiss, the video that features 20 improbably attractive strangers make out with each other for the first time. As with most feel-good viral videos, not all is as it seems: the short film by rookie director Tatia Plleva is actually from Wren, a clothing brand based in New York. But by racking up 24 million views – and counting – since it was put on YouTube at around 2 PM Monday, some people are already deeming First Kiss to be an "unprecedented achievement" for a fashion film. In fact, it just might be the most successful fashion film ever made".  Read full article in Dazed Digital. E.T.P. (including video): 8'.

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