Sunday 2 March 2014


Image via Dazed Digital.

Image via Dazed Digital.

Juman Malouf's Character Sketches. "The Grand Budapest Hotel recreates a by-gone era through its arresting visuals and dialogue. The charm and vibrant colours of the film gradually darken with a sense of melancholy as the forces of history conspire against a vanishing world. Juman Malouf – a writer and an artist in her own right – has recreated the eccentric characters in the film as sketches, a kind of flattening of their personalities, distilled into the thin lines and fine details of her penned efforts. With a paper-doll poise, these sketches sit alongside an illustrated screenplay of the film, published by Faber & Faber." The Grand Budapest Hotel will be in UK theaters March 7th. Read full article and watch the sketches in Dazed Digital. E.T.P. 4'

Photo via The Playlist

The Act of Killing is one of the greatest documentaries I've ever seen. It is as impeccable as it is disheartening and definitely worth see it. The Playlist presents an interview with director Joshua Oppenheimer. "While the field is a tight bunch of worthy contenders, it's arguable that few of the Best Documentary nominees this year boast the level of critical acclaim that has greeted "The Act Of Killing." The BAFTA for Best Documentary, and the Berlin Film Festival Panorama Audience Award are among a slew of honors the film, produced by Errol Morris and Werner Herzog, and directed by Joshua Oppenheimer, has received. If you've watched the film, you know there's a lot to discuss, so why not spend nearly an hour with the filmmaker about how it put it all together?" Watch the video in The Playlist website. E.T.P. 54'

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