Sunday 25 January 2015

The Procrastinator (some) Times Sunday 25 of January Edition

Hello friends, happy new year! We hope that everything you wished for this year become true and that 2015 end up being a year full of love, inspiration, positive changes and meaningful procrastination. We're still hopeful, even though we had a very rough start.

In our NEWS section we have three main topics: Charlie Hebdo's aftermath: the Front National new appeal and Japan's response to ISIS propaganda; the mysterious murder of Alberto Nisman in Argentina; and of course, our slice of news about Venezuela with a couple of interesting articles, all of them are about the same issue that can be perfectly described with Frances Coppola article in Forbes: The Impending Collapse of Venezuela. There's really nothing else to add.

In Science & Technology, German researchers create a self-aware Mario Bros and Charlie Brooker writes about it. In Culture & Entertainment, a rare TV interview with Simone de Beauvoir and 10 novels that are great to quote. In Dog We Trust shares with us 8 reasons to add olive oil to your dog diet and introduce us to the lovely Beta. In Our Weekly Procrastination we share some photos and thoughts about the Niki de Saint Phalle exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Also, big surprise! We have new contributors! We are delighted to welcome to the Procrastinator, the lovely ladies (and occasional men) of Culturetas, a web that's all about "culture with boobs"; where femininity, sex, art, literature, films and philosophy intersect. This great project belongs to Ariana Basciani, journalist, content marketer and exiled over-thinker that lives in Barcelona. Culturetas will be sharing with us some of their best articles, which are originally published in Spanish in their web. Have a look at the first one: Stop fat-phobia!

In related news, our friends of The Pink Pony we started also a nice bulletin called: The Pony Insider, meaningful procrastination on the topics of positive social entrepreneurship, playfulness and creativity. Have a look in The Pink Pony's Blog.

Finally, this year we will start honoring more the "some" part of our name and we will be publishing every month (the last Sunday of the month) and not every two weeks. Hope this make our editions better, faster and stronger, like a Daft Punk song.

Very happy 2015 to all of you, and remember to follow us on Twitter for daily procrastination recommendations.

Happy Sunday and happy reading!


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