Sunday 25 January 2015

NEWS: Charlie Hebdo After Effect

BuzzFeed News increasingly is starting to produce more and more news stories and long reports, this time they share a very interesting and very alarming piece written by Rosie Gray from Paris: "Encouraging poll numbers, a changing, more youthful image, and a fearful political and economic climate: These are the ingredients the National Front needs for a breakout moment. And it has them. BuzzFeed News’ Rosie Gray reports from Paris." Read the full article France’s Far-Right Party Seizes The Moment — And The Youth, in BuzzFeed News. E.T.P. 7'

In Quartz, Emma Kate Symmons explains why Marine Le Pen’s New York Times op-ed is a knife in the back for France. "Since 17 people were murdered in the Paris terror attacks that started with a massacre of cartoonists, staff, and police at Charlie Hebdo magazine almost two weeks ago, The New York Times has not deemed fit to print even one caricature by the French satirical weekly, citing Muslim sensitivities. But today the Times opened up her august op-ed pages to France’s extreme right Front National (FN) party president, Marine Le Pen, the chief Gallic spokesperson for Islamophobia and racism. We must explain who Le Pen is here because the Times did not include even a phrase qualifying its op-ed contributor as a far right party boss, nor explaining her movement’s long history of Muslim-baiting, incitement to racial hatred, Holocaust denial, and generalized anti-foreigner bile stretching back to the grimmest days of World War II collaborationist Vichy France." Read full article in Quartz. E.T.P. 6'

"This week Japanese Internet users rallied together to mock the Islamic State (a.k.a. ISISor IS) with a Photoshop battle that shows the terrorists in a series of  absurd and contemptuous images. This effort won’t save the hostages, but it could, in at least a small way, help prevent future terrorism.
As many have noted, IS is extremely goodat recruiting (even better than Al Qaeda) . . . The U.S. government has tried counter-propaganda techniques by engaging with IS online, but has failed thus far. Their methods, which include sending anti-IS quotes to journalists and creating poorly produced videos, are dated and lackluster. In a piece for the Guardian, former State Department advisor Shahed Amanullah says that America’s tactics have only made the group stronger: “They turn right around to their followers and say, ‘See? We’re every bit as powerful as we say we are, the US government is proof.’” So, why is Japan’s response so valuable? Because it was effective where America's attempts have failed." Read full article in The Daily Dot. E.T.P. 5'

Le Petit Journal (necessarily) mocked FOX News' coverage of Charlie Hebdo and the allegedly infamous Paris's "No Go Zones". Have a look at the Opération FOX News in Canal+. E.T.P. 6'30''

Finally, if you read Spanish, there is a nice blog post on Charlie Hebdo and freedom of speech, written by Gerardo Vilches titled "But". I don't know him, I just found the article through the usual social networks and thought it was worth a read. Have a look in his blog The Watcher and The Tower. E.T.P. 5'


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