Sunday 25 August 2013

Procrastinator (some) Times Sunday 25 of August Edition


This was a very peculiar week. A lot of references to memory floating around coming from the most diverse sources, from films, to events, to championships, to Jorge Luis Borges fantastic taxonomies. Somehow, as usual, it's all related, and it made us think a lot about the art of remembering (and forgetting!) and if we actually are outsourcing this abilities to our phones and computers.

In a very less intense note we welcome in this edition at our new contributor Carola Melguizo of La Guía del Perro (The Dog's Guide) who will be sharing with us the best links of all things dog in her new section: In Dog We Trust. Hope you enjoy this new edition of The Procrastinator (some) Times.


Photo via The Guardian.

Gibraltar: life under siege. Now that the tension between Spain and the British colony had scaled, Stephen Moss asks in The Guardian: what's the mood on the Rock? Also, have a look at the results of a The Telegraph's poll on whether Gibraltar is British or Spanish that went viral in Spain (care to guess the results?). Finally if you want to read about the Rock in the Rock's words, have a look at the Gibraltar Chronicle and if you understand Spanish have a look at the conflict's highlights from another perspective in El País.

Photo: The Procrastinator (some) Times

Monogamy is outdated and “polyamorous” relationships, involving multiple partners, could become the new normal, according to a controversial BBC investigation. Radio 4 documentary Monogamy and the Rules of Love argues that the “taboo” around sharing lovers between an unlimited number of sexual partners could disappear within a decade. Do you agree? Have a look at the full article in The Independent.
A number of panicked Russians have contacted the authorities to report concerns over the bizarre behaviour of 'zombie pigeons' in Moscow. Yes, pigeons can be worst, they can be zombie pigeons. Probably some AMC or Showtime executive is taking notes right now. Read full article in The Independent.

Photo: The Independent.

“Memory is misunderstood, but it is the highest form of thinking, always remember that says Tony Buzan, the co-founder of the World Memory Championships, to The Independent correspondent Paul Gallagher, who joined the 13 contestants of the 6th UK Open Memory Championships and learned a couple of tricks to remember. Read his article here.

Kevin Daum of INC also writes about the challenge that represents remember something important when there is so much other stuff going on around you, and he shares 10 Tips for Improving your Memory. Have a look here.

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