Sunday 31 May 2015

The Procrastinator (some) Times Sunday 31st of May Edition

Dear friends, welcome to your latest edition of The Procrastinator (some) Times. We are running a bit late, but well... do I need to say more?

In our News section, Thomas Gorton in Dazed Magazine notice that the new Tory government isn't wasting any time and among their plans is trying to ditch the Human Rights Act and substitute it with the British Bill of Rights, or the declaration of how Human Rights are not so universal after all.

Meanwhile, the Syrian people have lost confidence in all the international community, said to VICE News Raed Saleh, the head of Syria's "White Helmets. "The Syrian people have been killed for 4 years and nobody acted seriously to stop the killing."

And in our monthly share of Venezuelan news we share the Wall Street Journal article that affirms that U.S. prosecutors are investigating several high-ranking Venezuelan suspected of turning the country into a global cocaine hub. That's how we roll, yes.

In our Science & Technology section you will meet Les Baugh the bionic man, via The New York Times. In Design, Business & Innovation, we share via The Drum an article that talks about Facebook’s Instant Articles a CMS that fuels media owner dreams but leave publishers with a wary of lack of clarity. 

In Culture & Entertainment, William Brown, Senior Lecturer in Film at University of Roehampton, shares in The Conversation his impressions of Oscar Nominated film Timbuktu. Also, photographers like David LaChapelle and Martin Parr choose their best summer shots, from Coney Island to the Dead Sea. #Summeriscoming!

Finally, In Dog We Trust by La Guía del Perro, share with us some hot weather tips and the story of the dogs that are being trained to detect prostate cancer with more than 90% accuracy.

Enjoy your June, happy reading and happy meaningful procrastination!


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