Sunday 1 March 2015


Photo via Tomas's Tumblr.

Ideas Tap interview Tomas Van Houtryve, winner of the World Press Photo award, about his recent photographic work with drones. This is a fragment of that interview: 

What made you decide to make art with drones?
I wanted to do something on America’s drone war. I felt like it was an important war, at the top of the US’s foreign policy agenda, there’s a lot of people being killed, and yet there are no images of it – no visual narrative for that war.
I was doing a National Geographic assignment about a mine in Peru. We were trying to get an aerial shot and the altitude was too high for a helicopter so eventually they sent an engineer down with a drone. In fact it didn’t work because of the altitude but when I saw them used, I put the two ideas in my head and said; what if I look for drone war-like situations, flying my own one?

Read full interview and have a look at Tomas' photos in Ideas Tap. E.T.P. 3'

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