Sunday 1 March 2015

NEWS: Another Venezuelan February

Photo Reuters via The Daily Beast.

The summary of this article of The Daily Beast summarizes pretty well this month's Venezuelan news: "The arrest of the mayor of Caracas and the killing of a 14-year-old boy in San Cristóbal show just how desperate President Maduro and his circle have become."

This is of course a very long story short that starts with the approval of to open fire and use deadly force to control protests, contradicting all human rights treaties (silence of the international community, specially the Latin American community is absolutely shocking... again) and ended up with the Mayor of Caracas being arrested  (BBC. E.T.P. 2') after having presented NO evidence of anything -as usual- and the murder of Kluiberth Roa, a 14-year-old student (The New York Times. E.T.P. 3')

Did Venezuelan government do something to try to ease the situation, yes, they banned US diplomats from entering Venezuela. Reinforcing the notion of the 'enemy' has been central to this government and the previous one.

"Separating the criminals from the politicians from the military commanders is no easy task, and not one made easier when law enforcements spends its time arresting mayors and killing 14-year-olds" -concludes Romina Ruiz-Goriena in The Daily Beast. Read full article here. E.T.P. 5'

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