Sunday 6 July 2014


Photo via The Paris Review.

Nicole Rudick in The Paris Review of all the articles featured in the printed edition of Nautilus Magazine, that she calls sharped and well-rounded, recommends Alisa Opar’s short piece in the Spring 2014 issue on procrastination, which we featured back in January, of course. "I’m writing this, you see, up against the deadline that Dan Piepenbring sets for us each week. I did the same thing last week. Though I spend all week knowing I’ll write a few lines on what I’ve been reading, I wait, without fail, until the very last minute to sit down and write it. That’s because, according to Opar’s article, my future self is a stranger. That future version of me is the one who will have to deal with the consequences of my current procrastination (sucker!). Apparently, making a lengthy timeline that ends with me writing this should help me feel connected to my future self. It’s an interesting idea." Full article in The Paris Review. E.T.P. 4'

Photo: Aaron Rose via The New Yorker.

Aaron Rose, made his art-world d├ębut in his late fifties, at the 1997 Whitney Biennial, spent three summers in the early nineteen-sixties photographing the beaches of Coney Island. Seventy of Rose’s photographs from Coney Island are on view for the first time, at the Museum of the City of New York, until August 3rd. Have a look at some of his wonderful photos in The New Yorker. E.T.P. 3'

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