Sunday 15 December 2013


Photo: Mary Barra via The New Yorker.

"Until 2002, women made up fewer than one per cent of chief executives of Fortune 500 companies. This year, that figure rose to four per cent—still dismayingly low, but a significant increase in just over a decade." Vauhini Vara and Joshua Rothman were curious, after Mary Barra’s appointment as first female C.E.O. of General Motors, about how female business leaders have talked about their experiences in the pages of The New Yorker, and here is what they found. E.T.P. 7'

Photo via WSJ Online.

Why everybody will totally read this column. "Neetzan Zimmerman doesn't like to be called a machine. That word implies something cold and inhuman about how he works, and Mr. Zimmerman believes that what makes him so good at his job is precisely the opposite sensibility: Unlike a computer, he understands the emotions that might compel a human being to click on something online." If you want to find out how this Gawker editor picks the content that goes viral you should totally read this article in The Wall Street Journal. E.T.P. 5'

Still from DARPA's You Tube.

And finally, as seen in Fast Company, Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, the MIT spin-off research company behind some of the world's most advanced robots and androids, for an undisclosed amount. What do you think Google have in store for 2014? Have a look at some of Boston Dynamics's previous projects in this article by Fast Company. E.T.P. 7'

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