Sunday 26 April 2015

The Procrastinator (Some) Times 26th of April Edition

Hello dear procrastinators, as you know, just yesterday a really strong earthquake hit Nepal, you can follow the ongoing news with the hashtag #NepalQuake and Mashable compiled different organisations that you can contribute with to help them.

We start our News Section with a great article by Anne Marie Weaver in The New York Times about the young men who are flying from England to join ISIS, "Her Majesty's Jihadists". What's the appeal of this call to make them abandon their comfy lives to join a war? What is the UK incapable of offering them? 

In our share of articles about Venezuela, Alejandro Toledo, former president of Perú and author of "The Shared Society", writes in the op-ed pages of the New York Times, an article that is both accurate and simple, and that it is also ambitiously untitled: How to Fix the Mess in Venezuela. A must-read. I more Venezuelan news, Tim Worstall thanks Venezuela's Bolivarian "socialism" style (that everyday looks more like a military dictatorship) for the 200% of inflation as it is almost an impossible achievement to make that will probably become the first chapter of every what not to do when running a country book.

In Science & Technology according to Tim Maughan in BBC Future the worst place on earth is a dystopian lake in Mongolia filled with the world's tech lust. In our Culture & Entertainment section Garrett Gilmore shares how he can't stop thinking in emoji. A really interesting article via VICE. Jessica Fulford-Dobson shows us with her photographic work in Kabul how in Afghanistan, skateboarding has spread to become the number one sport for women, as they are forbidden to ride bicycles. And thanks to Open Culture and Martin Scorsese we discovered filmmaker Hong Sang-Soo, the Woody Allen of Korea.

Culturetas's queen bee, Ariana, shares with us her reflections on feminism, what is and what it should be. She's obviously looking for a fight ;) Finally In Dog We Trust by La Guía del Perro shares with us an interesting article about the bonding human-dog hormone, some DIY for your dog, a German Shepherd left home alone with a GoPro and the absolutely amazing Marnie the dog.

That's our April edition, hope you enjoy it, and I invite you again to check out Minimaps, small crowd-sourced travel experiences made for and by people that love people. This month we published two new minimaps: Brussels and Zürich. Have a look!

Happy Sunday friends and happy reading.

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