Sunday 26 April 2015


Photo via VICE.

Garret Gilmore shares in VICE his problem with emoji and how this little cartoon icons violate the rule of arbitrariness of linguistic signs making this tendence to think in emoji an interesting study case.. "I have a problem with emojis, I think. What I mean is, sometimes I think in emojis. When I'm looking for a word or phrase to respond to things outside the contexts of texts or Twitter what pops into my head are emoji characters. My girlfriend Sarah first pointed out that this was happening to her a few months ago after she found herself unable to produce any alternative to " " as a response to an email from her boss . . . The surprise of thinking in tiny cartoon images comes from the expectation that language is going to pop into your head when you think. So what makes emoji different from written language? How do emojis mean and is it different from how words mean" Read full article in VICE. E.T.P. 7'

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