Sunday 26 October 2014


Photo Nicky Bay via Wired.
Photo via Planet Minecraft.

This news is absolutely (almost literally) fantastic: "Velvet worms are adorable caterpillar-y looking things, silently plodding along on stumpy legs in tropical forests around the world. A recently discovered species was so cute, it got a name straight out of Studio Ghibli: Eoperipatus totoros. The species name is an homage to the CatBus in the film My Neighbor Totoro." Read full article in Wired. E.T.P. 3'

Photo via Vice.

Vice's Thijs Roes got in touch with Professor Brian Cox to have an interesting chat about the one thing we all want to have a chat about with Cox: the meaning of life. "Human civilisation has caught up with a good chunk of science fiction. We drive around in electric cars, send spaceships beyond our solar system and use silicon and electricity to help us get laid. Things that seemed like some distant fantasy less than 20 years ago (like, say, reading this article on your phone like some kind of wizard) are now accepted – and often overlooked – parts of our everyday reality.
Professor Brian Cox – who you’ll probably recognise from the past decade of British popular culture – is one of a few doing a good job of pointing all this out to us. For instance, his new BBC series, Human Universe, sets out to make us understand our place in the universe – why we’re here, what we’ve achieved and how we can use those achievements to better ourselves." Read full interview in Vice. E.T.P. (with videos): 9'

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