Sunday 17 August 2014

The Procrastinator (some) Times Sunday 17th of August


Hello friends! How is the summer going? Around here, thanks to Bertha the weather its been a bit more #GreatBritishSummer, but we have had cool days. Anyway, I hope the next two weeks will be amazingly sunny and warm and summery wherever you are.

In our News section we have a very interesting article via The Independent about World Peace, the one thing that every Miss Universe wish for, and every world leader apparently reject like the plague. Only 11 countries (10, probably after the World Cup demonstrations) appear to be free of internal conflicts (or with an conflict index low enough). I already gave you a clue of one of the countries, can you guess the other ten? In other news, a very complete article in Bloomberg about Venezuela. If you know nothing about the current situation in Venezuela and you landed in this website by mere chance with only 10 minutes to spare, please expend them reading that article.

In our Design, Business & Innovation section, one interesting piece on the virtues of working less (as the principles of meaningful procrastination suggest, of course!) and another one on what happens when you like everything that Facebook slap in your face (another clue: is like staring into the abyss). Our Culture and Entertainment section features the wonderful work of book jackets designer Peter Mendelsund, who now is publishing two books of his own. We also have a small compilation of articles about Robin Williams (RIP), as well as in In Dog We Trust by La Guía del Perro which entire section is a little homage to Williams. Finally, in our second ABC: Artist, Book, Celebrity we are, of course in the letter B. B as in Chuck Berry, Beloved and Kobe Bryant, have a look.

Happy Sunday and happy reading!


Illustration via The Independent.

World peace? Think again. With the crisis in Gaza, the rise of Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria and the international stand-off ongoing in Ukraine, it can sometimes feel like the whole world is at war. But experts believe this is actually almost universally the case, according to a think-tank which produces one of the world’s leading measures of “global peacefulness” – and things are only going to get worse. It may make for bleak reading, but of the 162 countries covered by the Institute for Economics and Peace’s (IEP’s) latest study, just 11 were not involved in conflict of one kind or another. Read full article in The Independent. E.T.P. 4'

Photo: Jorge Silva/Landov via Bloomberg.

In an oil-rich country run by leaders who’ve promised to create a socialist economy that benefits the poor, millions of people struggle every day to find the basics. In this nation blessed with abundant natural resources, it’s the friends of Chavez and his ministers . . . who have accumulated wealth."  Read full article in Bloomberg. E.T.P. 10'

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