Sunday 3 August 2014


Photo via The Guardian.

In the Comment is Free section of The Guardian H.R. Hennessy share his thoughts on how we are being dragged towards a tech-utopia that nobody wants. This is an extract of the article: "A divide is growing between the people who wholeheartedly embrace a radically new, radically self-centred vision of human life, and the people who do not. The internal lives of the tech elite, centred on the labour-saving innovations of Silicon Valley, are at odds with semi-atavistic conceptions of how people interact. Traditions and shared values are redundant, inefficient, and must be optimised out of existence.
The backlash against this world is democracy manifesting itself; a tacit rejection of the ideological assumptions underpinning the personal tech revolution. People want to define the structure of their own lives, and Silicon Valley's myriad product lines are an unwelcome intrusion into the way we live and interact with one another – and even the way we eat, sleep and procreate." Read full article in The Guardian. E.T.P. 6'

Image via The New York Times.

To accompany our new section we are sharing with you this little test in The New York Times that tests your fluency in emoji, given that seems to be a necessary skill these days, especially if you consider that over 200 new emojis were introduced by the Unicode Consortium last month. Give it a try! E.T.P. 3'

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