Sunday 2 August 2015


Enea - Boulder, Colorado. Photo Gabriele Galimberti via his website.

Chiwa - Mchinji, Malawi. Photo Gabriele Galimberti via his website.

"Everyone remembers their childhood toys. The fact that I can recall how most of mine tasted better than I can remember the names of my primary school teachers says everything you need to know about the universe kids inhabit." -Ben Machell, The Times Magazine.

Toy Stories is a beautiful photography project created by the Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti who traveled around the world during three years to document the life of several couch surfers. During these trips he started noticing the different ways kids play according to the country they live in. That's how the proyect Toy Stories started. In this photo-essay kids show their most valuable possessions: their toys. And the photos really say it all. Go ahead and have a look at this beautiful project in Gabriele's website. E.T.P. 10'

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