Sunday 29 June 2014

The Procrastinator (some) Times Sunday 29th of June Edition


Morning friends! I have been reading a lot of interesting stuff, mostly related to festivals and counterculture, but not that many articles, so this is another concise edition. This is the moment where I remind all of you friends and ocasional visitors, that if you want to collaborate with us in any section, please do it!

The whole edition is about all things not Luis Suárez, enough is enough. In Science and Technology, The Atlantic published an interesting article based on a recent research that shows that animals are more or less motivated to engage in these sickness behaviors, depending on their social context, meaning that you can feel too sick to go to work... but not to go out. I knew it. Also, employees in the search of meaning appear via Quartz in our Design, Business & Innovation section. Glastonbury, of course, and the best 10 films of 2014 so far according to Dazed Magazine,in our Culture & Entertainment section. Finally In Dog We Trust by La Guía del Perro introduce us to the lovely Canelo, the cutest pitbull I've ever seen.

Happy Sunday and happy reading!


Illustration via Quartz.

This is very #SickSadWorld of Iraq: "As an insurgency threatens to drag Iraq back into sectarian civil war, plans are still underway to build a vast new $1-billion parliamentary complex in Baghdad. The well-known London-based, Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid has been tapped to design a 2.7-million-square-foot building on the 49-acre site, even though her proposal—which remains secret—came in third in the international architecture competition." Read full article in Quartz. E.T.P. 3'  

Photo via Mashable.

A Venezuelan classic: "A massive blackout left more than half of Venezuela without electricity on Friday afternoon, according to news reports. The blackout affected as many as 13 Venezuelan states, leaving around 60% of the country without electricity." I could add here that is outrageous specially in the country with the largest oil reserves blah blah blah... but you already know that, and I'm tired of these things not being extraordinary or even news. Anyway, read full article in Mashable. E.T.P. 2'

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